Marketplace for the reuse of assets and equipment

Riusoo helps companies recover the lost value of assets, equipment, and leftover inventory within your business.
Save thousands of euros on the purchase of new equipment
Unlock the potential of assets by rediscovering their true value
Increase the collaboration of all company resources
Keep track of assets without complicated tables or systems
Increase the sustainability of corporate purchasing decisions


How much value have you accumulated in warehouses?

To this question, 51% of companies say they don’t have enough data to give a comprehensive answer but intend to become more knowledgeable.

Companies that use Riusoo


One place for all assets

Riusoo makes it easy to track the condition of your assets with standardized management that’s accessible to your entire business team. Plus you can:

  • Share assets and company equipment internally across business units
  • Donate and sell assets externally to nonprofits and other enrolled businesses
  • Have the entire team participate in equipment reuse and save in new purchases.



One place to communicate with everyone

Your employees have brilliant ideas. Riusoo gives everyone a chance to express themselves to help you get the most out of your business inventory.

  • Connect all business teams by managing all communications in Riusoo.
  • Send messages to users directly about posts, offers or anything else.
  • Comment on a resource by asking a question that will be publicly displayed.
  • Stay up to date with our in-app notifications.


Get accurate asset reports

Riusoo is simple and intuitive. It allows management to track progress, set goals, achieve savings and environmental benefits.

  • Process and share data quickly for greater transparency and detail.
  • Track all information and generate reports on selected KPIs.
  • Make informed decisions by analyzing marketplace usage and performance.


How it works

Discover the benefits of the Exchange Marketplace for assets and leftover inventory

Sign up

Register your organization and invite colleagues to participate in the corporate marketplace


Publish company inventory to unlock economic, social and environmental value

Swap, sell

Bring new life to useful assets, equipment and leftover inventory

Use the network

Internal reuse not enough? Share inventory with other businesses and nonprofits

Use Cases

With Riusoo you find the right buyer for those assets, no longer useful for your business, but essential for other company resources or other organizations

  • Large groups that want to save money and check all the scattered and forgotten equipment, getting the maximum value

  • Companies that need to take new inventories for a relocation, disposal or donation of assets to organizations

  • Non-profit associations that want to find free usable items in excellent condition, extending their life cycle

  • Micro-businesses that want to find and share their leftover inventory or use it to create design objects

Functions and Features

Discover the features of your internal Marketplace to reuse your company’s inventory: assets, leftovers, and assets

Asset Management

Manage company assets through an internal network for equipment reuse

Master Data

Create your own hierarchy of permissions configurable to give access to specific functions

Savings Analysis

Measure and report on the savings generated by the reuse and maintenance of company assets


Engage all your company resources through a gamification system and get data

QR code

Tag the company assets that you intend to reuse through the QRcode of Riusoo that allows you to geo-locate them


Instant data analysis and reporting for assets and your circular economy marketplace


Equipment always available, you have everything under control from any device, in cloud and multi-team


Access the software from any device – desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone

Equipment, machinery assets, tables from today find real value again

Unused assets, leftover stock and company-owned assets are of immense value to the company. With Riusoo you generate unthinkable savings by avoiding new purchases with environmental benefits.

Surplus & Asset Exchange Marketplace for business

We’ve created a new cloud-based software model for sharing leftover inventory, assets and company inventories

Unlocks the economic and environmental value of underutilized corporate resources by increasing traceability, transparency and savings when purchasing new supplies.

Sharing and collaboration is the engine of the circular economy, with immediate accountability for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Your Corporate Marketplace for the Circular Economy

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the Circular Economy “is an umbrella term for an economy designed to be able to regenerate itself … so that someone’s waste becomes a resource for someone else


Want to start saving money?